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When we opened the doors of Main Street Gallery for the first time in August of 2018, we knew immediately that we were about to embark on something very special happening on the North End of Rockford, Illinois.  The Norwegian Artist Lofts.

The Gallery features several pieces of art on many different print mediums giving us the opportunity to convey each photograph in a very unique, individual way.  We pride ourselves in the fact that every piece of art is one of a kind.  If you purchase an item from Main Street Gallery for your home, office, corporate space or as a gift - no one else will ever own the exact same piece.  

One of the brightest spaces within Main Street Gallery is The Rockford Room.  This room is dedicated solely to displaying photography taken in and around the Rockford area.  Our very own 815 has so much beauty, both past and present, and it is our goal to grow this collection with the help of the community. Our guests both educate and remind us of what Rockford really stands for.  You may find images of structures that are no longer standing, have been completely remodeled, or you might even take away a brand new perspective of something you see every single day but never actually stopped to look at.

Whenever a guest comes up the stairs to the Norwegian Artist Lofts, we are given the opportunity to make an impact on their perspective of the world around them; but, perhaps, the greatest gift of all is the impact that these visitors have on us when they share their stories and memories that are frequently recalled through the visual impact of our photographs.

It is our great pleasure to donate 10% of all art sales to the Natural Land Institute. Their efforts help sustain a beautiful environment for us all to enjoy, as well as habitats for wildlife to thrive.


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GoRockford First Fridays

Friday, January 4th 5 - 8pm

Friday, February 1st 5 - 8pm

Friday, March 1st 5 - 8pm

Friday, April 5th 5 - 8pm

Friday, May 3rd 5 - 8pm

Friday, June 7th 5 - 8pm

Friday, July 5th 5 - 8pm

Friday, August 2nd 5 - 8pm

Friday, September 6th 5 - 8pm

Friday, October 4th 5 - 8pm

Friday, November 1st 5 - 8pm

Friday, December 6th 5 - 8pm


Spring Art Scene

Friday, April 12th 5 - 10pm

Saturday, April 13th 4 - 10pm

815 Rockford Day

Thursday, August 15th 9am -6pm


Fall Art Scene


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